Full Voice- workshops and private sessions

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The voice is the vehicle for your sense of meaning to make its way into the world!

Voice and vocal presence is important for everyone, not just for singers!  In a Full Voice Workshop, you will learn to play with the full range of your voice, and to develop your confidence to overcome an vocal habits that get in the way of your deep, true message making it into the world!

Developed by the amazing and generous Barbara McAfee,(barbarawww.mcafee.comFull Voice: The Five Elements Framework is an embodied process that will take you to the story of your voice, its wounds and its riches, and offer you the time, focus and tools to expand your range and clarity.

Earth Voice:  Grounding and Connecting, Fire Voice: Passion and Personal Power, Water Voice: Compassion and Welcome, Metal Voice: Clarity and Focus, and Air Voice: Inspiration and Invitation.

As a vocal coach, trained and mentored by Barbara McAfee, I offer individual sessions to help you claim the gifts of your voice.  I also offer workshops with groups that can give room for play, exploration and community engagement, as a fun and energetic way to step into this world of Vocal Presence.

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Sign up for Full Voice Playshop: A Dive (and Dog-Paddle) in the Sea of Voice,  a one day workshop on Saturday, June 1st at Mission Point House in Davis Bay.  $45.00 for 10 am to 3:00pm, snacks included (Bring a bag lunch).