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Walking in nature is good medicine!  Immersing yourself in the present moment, connecting with your senses through beauty, sounds of wind, waves and birds, the smell of cedar and mossy soil, the feel of sand or soft grass under your weary feet… All these aspects of an encounter with the earth are restorative.

And sometimes… our wellness and mental health, and wounded hearts also need a companion, a listener, a skilled guide to reconnect with what most deeply matters, and to help us set our feet on a clear path again, to navigate the waters of grief, loss or depression, to help us breathe our way through anxiety.

If you are in need of a trustworthy, skilled therapist to help you with challenging transitions in your life, consider Emerging Wholeness: Counselling, Consulting and Creativity. Dianne Baker is ready to welcome you and to support you in finding your way to a healthier, more balanced life, to a path of self-compassion and groundedness.

Call Dianne Baker at 604-989-8424 for a free telephone consultation.  If you prefer an inperson meeting, quote: “Let your life speak“, to receive a first in-person session for 50% of the regular hourly rate.

Dianne’s usual rate is $95.00 per hour for individual sessions, $105.00 per hour for couples.  A sliding scale is available for people with financial challenges.



About Emerging Wholeness

Dianne Baker, BA, MEd., RCC (CCC), is a therapist, working in private practice. She works with individuals, couples and families who are navigating life changes and wanting to improve self-understanding and communication in relationships. Dianne has particular skills for supporting people living with anxiety and/or depression, and encorporates 'mindfulness based stress reduction' practices into her therapy. Dianne is a Facilitator with The Center for Courage and Renewal (, and a Certified Canadian Counsellor. She can help your organization with reflection on mission and vision, and can design retreats and workshops to enhance teamwork and deepen trust and creative potential in working communities. Dianne is also a Certified Full Voice Coach, mentored by Barbara McAfee. In this work, Dianne helps individuals find and develop their own unique voice, to deepen the connection between their personhood and their vocal expression in the world.
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