Singing You Home

Have you ever drifted off to sleep as someone sang to you? Do remember the lullabies sung to you when you were tiny? What emotions rise in you with the word ‘lullaby’?
There is a new group of gentle singers rehearsing together to bring soft voices, harmonies and tones of comfort to the bedside of the ill and they dying, in and around Winnipeg. “Singing You Home” is the manifestation of a long held hope of Dianne Baker to bring songs of love, affirmation and release to people living their last days. As long as humans have lived in community, we have been awed by the mystery of the transition from life to death, this final observable threshold the self crosses as breath wanes. In recent years, a practice called “Threshold Choirs” has begun to offer tender vocal music to ease this transition. ( While not affiliated with Threshold Choir, “Singing You Home” shares this same vision.



If you know of someone in hospital, a nursing home, or in Palliative Care in a hospital or a private home who would benefit from a visit by a group of no more than 4 people to sing for up to 30 minutes in gentle, harmonious a cappella style.

Call 204-918-0820 to inquire or to request a singing visit.



About Emerging Wholeness

Dianne Baker, BA, MEd., RCC (CCC), is a therapist, working in private practice. She works with individuals, couples and families who are navigating life changes and wanting to improve self-understanding and communication in relationships. Dianne has particular skills for supporting people living with anxiety and/or depression, and encorporates 'mindfulness based stress reduction' practices into her therapy. Dianne is a Facilitator with The Center for Courage and Renewal (, and a Certified Canadian Counsellor. She can help your organization with reflection on mission and vision, and can design retreats and workshops to enhance teamwork and deepen trust and creative potential in working communities. Dianne is also a Certified Full Voice Coach, mentored by Barbara McAfee. In this work, Dianne helps individuals find and develop their own unique voice, to deepen the connection between their personhood and their vocal expression in the world.
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