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Walking in nature is good medicine!  Immersing yourself in the present moment, connecting with your senses through beauty, sounds of wind, waves and birds, the smell of cedar and mossy soil, the feel of sand or soft grass under your weary feet… All these aspects of an encounter with the earth are restorative.

And sometimes… our wellness and mental health, and wounded hearts also need a companion, a listener, a skilled guide to reconnect with what most deeply matters, and to help us set our feet on a clear path again, to navigate the waters of grief, loss or depression, to help us breathe our way through anxiety.

If you are in need of a trustworthy, skilled therapist to help you with challenging transitions in your life, consider Emerging Wholeness: Counselling, Consulting and Creativity. Dianne Baker is ready to welcome you and to support you in finding your way to a healthier, more balanced life, to a path of self-compassion and groundedness.

Call Dianne Baker at 604-989-8424 for a free telephone consultation.  If you prefer an inperson meeting, quote: “Let your life speak“, to receive a first in-person session for 50% of the regular hourly rate.

Dianne’s usual rate is $95.00 per hour for individual sessions, $105.00 per hour for couples.  A sliding scale is available for people with financial challenges.


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Singing You Home

Have you ever drifted off to sleep as someone sang to you? Do remember the lullabies sung to you when you were tiny? What emotions rise in you with the word ‘lullaby’?
There is a new group of gentle singers rehearsing together to bring soft voices, harmonies and tones of comfort to the bedside of the ill and they dying, in and around Winnipeg. “Singing You Home” is the manifestation of a long held hope of Dianne Baker to bring songs of love, affirmation and release to people living their last days. As long as humans have lived in community, we have been awed by the mystery of the transition from life to death, this final observable threshold the self crosses as breath wanes. In recent years, a practice called “Threshold Choirs” has begun to offer tender vocal music to ease this transition. ( While not affiliated with Threshold Choir, “Singing You Home” shares this same vision.



If you know of someone in hospital, a nursing home, or in Palliative Care in a hospital or a private home who would benefit from a visit by a group of no more than 4 people to sing for up to 30 minutes in gentle, harmonious a cappella style.

Call 204-918-0820 to inquire or to request a singing visit.


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Claim your own Full Voice

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Join a highly engaging interactive workshop on Friday May 13th to explore the intersection of Voice and Vocation, Soul and Role.   In cooperation with Emerging Wholeness, in  a half-day workshop, extraordinary singer/songwriter and facilitator Barbara McAfee (, will guide participants to identify ways to project authority, express passion, extend compassion and convey vision in everyday conversation.  Using her unique Five Elements Framework (earth, fire, air metal and water)  Barbara will enable participants to increase their vocal awareness, flexibility and expression.

Our voice is the primary vehicle through which our inner ideas enter the world.  The voice is an intersection of body, mind, spirit and emotions.  If you want to learn to be authentic, grounded, persuasive and passionate as you speak, this Full Voice workshop will appeal to you.

Registration information is available here: Barb McAfee-Retreat Registration Form

Barbara invites you to consider the question “Who you gonna be while you do what you do?”  How will you give full expression to your self,  how will your work be enlivened, animated and inspired through cennecting deeply to your voice?

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Living With a Voice of Courage

In May 2016, Dianne is offering a retreat in Manitoba, titled “Living with a Voice of Courage”.  This one day event will follow the practices of ‘Circles of Trust’, rooted in the writings of Parker J. Palmer, an American Quaker author and activist.   This will be a day of reflection, journalling, silence and song, with music lead by Barbara McAfee (, around the theme of giving voice in the world to our own unique and authentic selves.

Join a group of up to 24 people who are on a path of exploring fully embodied and joyful selfhood.  The gathering will take place at the lovely retreat centre in Lorette, Manitoba  Light of the Prairies.  This spacious day will also allow time to walk the pathways and labyrinth at the retreat centre.

Cost for the day is $75.00 and includes lunch, snacks and all retreaat materials.  for more information and to register, contact Dianne Baker at


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Welcome to “Emerging Wholeness”

Thank you for coming to this new website.

Emerging Wholeness is a new service offering counselling to individuals, couples and families who are seeking support to improve self-understanding and relationships.  Many aspects of life expose us to challenges and stresses which we must learn to navigate in order to be healthy, happy and fulfilled.  Dealing with grief, job stress, communication problems, and family conflict often disrupt our life journey.  There is much to be learned from exploring these concerns with a trusted ally.   Dianne Baker, a therapist with over 15 years of experience working with individuals, groups and families can be such an ally in your journey.  Wholeness includes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self.

Contact Dianne at to discuss how she can support you in this journey towards a fuller, happier life.

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